Monday, October 26, 2009

Watercolor Beach Scene

This was done for a friend of mine. He wanted a beach scene to decorate his house. This is almost 2"x 3" painting and will look great over a fireplace or in a beach bungalow.

Greystone Power Christmas Card

Tellus: Northwest Georgia Science Museum

The card on the right is being sold in the Tellus giftstore, and the card on the left will be mailed out to donors and the board of directors.

Animal Medical Center

This is a watercolor painting of the Animal Medical Center located in Cartersville, GA. They are making these into notecards to send to clients.

7'2" Basketball player

This painting was for a friend of mine who wanted a unique gift to give to her husband for his birthday. She decided on a 2' x 3' oil painting of her son, who happens to be 7'3". She was excited when I gave it to her that she actually started crying. She said this captured her son exactly, and couldn't have asked for anything better.